Residential Concrete – Northwest Concrete believes that a home should begin on a solid foundation with products that will last a lifetime. The company has a deep understanding of the various inputs that go into building a dream home—time, money, and lots of decisions—and we hope that our level of professional knowledge and service can provide you with the tools you need to make a house into your home. Northwest Concrete has much experience in pouring footings, basements, floating slabs, driveways, and sidewalks and would be happy to provide you with a foundation you can count on. Northwest Concrete is also willing to work with homeowners on other creative ideas to make their home special and unique.

Commercial Concrete – Northwest Concrete understands the importance of details when it comes to the image and functionality of your business. Whether you’re considering a small job or an extensive project from the ground up, we will take the time to precisely and accurately complete the project to your company’s unique specification and vision.

NWCC also offers services in Liquid Metals, Metallics That Rock, with limitless color options. These Liquid Metals are perfect for Retail Stores, Living Spaces, Office Buildings, Garage Floors, Dealership Showrooms, Restaurants, and anywhere a highly durable floor is needed. Liquid Metals is 100% epoxy meaning extreme durability. It’s seamless flooring with no grout lines and it’s easy to clean and maintain.

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