Right of Way Clearing

 In Forestry Mulching
  • Right of Way Clearing (ROW)
  • Ditch Restoration
  • Providing Safety for Traffic and Wildlife

We have found that in many cases where there is thick growth of vegetation whether it be large trees or smaller brush NWCC Forestry is able to provide solutions to the above mentioned items. On the particular job that I’m highlighting today we were hired by a township board to clear back a mile stretch that had become over grown over time. The residents that lived along this particular road were unable to pull onto the road safely because they had lost their line of sight out of their driveways.

The other issue that this certain stretch of road had lost was the ability for water to travel due to the large population of trees that now inhabited the ditch. Also, the road had become a narrow corridor that deer enjoyed crossing back and forth from bedding to feeding grounds.

With the completion of the project we were able to deliver the people that not only live on the road but also the people that just travel through this stretch of road with the specific items listed above.


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